A Self-Spanking Interrupted – By Campus Police

Caught by a female campus police officer, the bottom of this self-spanking male college student catches much more than he had planned.

Greater Risk, Greater Fear

It had been a long week. I was stressed from school work and my evening job. I was unable to concentrate and knew that I needed to do something about it before I pushed the envelope too far.  I needed to discipline myself. I have always felt that spanking helped me when I was lacking focus. My Mother had punished me throughout my childhood and it always brought me back to the centre line after wandering off course. She even spanks me now that I am in college. Unfortunately, she lives three hours away, so I had to resort to self-punishment. It is not easy to do it and it does not provide the same effect, but it gets my attention.

I tried spanking myself in my dorm room, but it was not having the effect that it needed to. There was something missing, fear. I began to find places around campus and around town where I could punish myself while fearing that I might be caught by someone. I spanked myself with one of my mother’s wooden hairbrushes. I always spanked myself on the bare, so a public place was even riskier. The brush on flesh had a distinct sound and I always got a little uneasy about someone hearing it. That fear made the punishment real.

I have only punished myself five times in the past six months. The last time was three and a half weeks ago. I did it in an old school bus that was parked in the front parking lot of the athletics building. I did it at 6:00 p.m. when most were gone home for the day. I stripped from the waist down and bent over one of the seats for a solid eight-minute spanking with my Mother’s brush. It echoed like thunder inside that old bus. I was sure that I would be discovered at any moment, but I was not. That spanking left me bruised for a week.

I do not like using the same place twice because the fear of being caught in unfamiliar surroundings diminishes. I had to scout out a new place so I drove around for a while and found a couple of places nearby, but none of them were “the” place.  Finally, it dawned on me. The perfect place would be the theatre building, as it was currently undergoing renovations. Nobody would be in there after five o’clock. I decided to go there the next evening. I instantly got butterflies in my stomach thinking about it. I drove home to put my things together and got ready for work. I could think of nothing but that spanking through my entire shift.

Finally, punishment day was here. I went to all three classes and was done at 3:15 p.m. I carried my digital camera and my mother’s wooden hairbrush with me to the theatre parking lot. I did some of my homework while waiting in the car, but finally found myself looking at a copy of No-Nonsense Ladies Spanking, so the time flew by. I watched several people come and go, but by 5:00 p.m.there were no cars left out front. I grabbed my bag and walked around to the side entrance. The butterflies were coming fast and furious. I opened the door and let myself in.

Setting Up

Once inside I noticed that a lot of work was being done in the main auditorium, but not too much down the halls or in the offices. I walked around looking to see if there was anyone in the building. There was nobody but me – I had the place all to myself. I found three offices that were obviously not used by anyone down one of the far halls. The only issue was that it was far from the door and I would not be able to hear anyone come in. One of the offices had a large wooden desk and a leather sofa. This one was perfect.

I placed my bag down on the desk and walked back down the hall to check one more time. I even opened the door and looked out into the parking lot. The coast was clear. I closed the side door and used the dead bolt. If anybody did come in they would have to use a key. I walked back down the hall to the office and began my preparation. I slid the leather couch out from the wall a little bit so that when I was bent over the arm the camera would have a great vantage point from its position on the desk. The only problem was that the couch was right next to the door, so my bare butt would be the first thing visible to anyone that walked in. I looked down the hall one more time. It was now or never. I was nervous, but I knew that I deserved it. I placed the hairbrush on the couch and then I hit record on the camera.

I slipped my sneakers off and then undid my belt buckle and pushed my jeans down to my ankles and kicked them off. I bent over the arm of the couch and made sure my bottom was high in the air. I placed my left hand behind my back and picked up the brush. I adjusted a little more over the arm to satisfy my growing erection and then I laid the first smack in the middle of my right cheek. Oh crap, I forgot to time my session! I set my watch for eight minutes and then began again. I began slowly at first while alternating cheeks. My butt was warming up. The spanking sound was unmistakable. Anybody venturing in would surely know what was going on. At two minutes I hit pause on the stopwatch and set down the brush. It was time to remove my underwear. The real spanking was about to begin.

I lifted my hips and pushed my underwear down to my ankles and kicked them off. I got back in position and raised the brush. “Smack”, the first lick resounded. Over and over the brush fell. I was spanking hard and fast. It hurt, but I did not relent. I thoroughly covered my naked bottom from sit spot to high cheek. My ass was on fire. I kept going until I heard the timer go off. It seemed like forever. I had tears in my eyes and my erection was gone. I decided that corner time would be justified, so I adjusted the camera so that it would capture my ten minute corner time as well. I put my nose in the far corner and put my hands on my head so that I would not be tempted to rub my bottom. I tried to punish myself as my mother would do. I am sure that I looked like a well chastised young man.

Caught by Campus Security

Five minutes went by and I thought I heard something. I strained to listen down the hallway but did not move. Then I heard it, there was someone unlocking the door. I panicked! I wasted no time in putting my jeans back on. I did not bother with my underwear. I put the camera, brush, and underwear in my bag, composed myself and stepped out into the hallway. I did not see anyone, so I made my way to the side door. Just as I was about to make it to the door and get gone I was startled. “Hey, what are you doing in here?” I turned to look and it was a campus police officer. She asked me again, “I said what are you doing in here after hours?” I was mortified.

“I, uh, was just looking around at the renovations to see how it was coming”, I lied.  She walked from the auditorium and came straight at me. Should I run? I did not. Fear kept me in place until she got there. “I did not want to bother the workers earlier and I was in the neighbourhood after my last class, so I just wanted to check on things.” She stared at me for a minute, eyeing me up and down.

“Well, what is your name”, she asked? I told her my name was Michael. “You are not supposed to be in here, Michael. This is a restricted area until the renovations are done. It is a huge liability for the university if someone were to be injured.”

“I am sorry, ma’am, I will leave right away then”, I said. I started to turn and walk towards the door one more time. I was only four or five steps away when she told me to stop.

“Well, Michael, if you were really just looking around then you won’t mind me looking in your backpack to make sure that your visit was just for sight-seeing.” My heart stopped as I turned to face her. I looked down at my feet like I was caught, or about to be.

“Please, ma’am, I have nothing in my bag. I was just interested in the construction. It is kind of a hobby of mine.” I felt a rush of adrenaline surge through me as I tried not to look her in the eye. I am sure that I was fidgeting quite a bit now and she noticed it.

“Well, you are not leaving here until I check your bag. Now, let me have it.” She held out her hand and waited for me to give it to her. Did I dare hand it to her? My butterflies were going nuts now. Finally, with all the courage that I could muster, I handed her the bag.

“Thank you”, she said, as she walked to the nearest table and set the bag down on it.  She unzipped the outer pockets first and was satisfied. Then, she opened the main compartment. I was caught. There was no way to hide the spanking magazine, the brush, my underwear, and the camera now. She opened the top wide and then looked at me.  She said nothing and then reached into the bag and pulled out the brush. She set it on the table. She reached back in and pulled out the magazine. I am sure I was blushing from head to toe now. Finally, she pulled out my underwear and the camera.

She looked at them for a second and then turned to me. “Do you want to explain what is going on now, Michael?” I rolled my shoulders and shuffled my feet. I couldn’t look at her. I was so embarrassed. “Michael, I want you to explain to me what you were doing in here. Is there anyone else in here with you?”

“No ma’am, there is just me”, I meekly replied. “I came in here by myself and locked the door behind me.” My voice sounded so small and pathetic. I still could not look at her. “Please, ma’am, just let me get my things and go”, I begged. I knew that she was not going to agree to that, though.

The “Choice”

“Michael, you have two choices. Either you can tell me right now what you are doing in here or I can march you down to the station and deal with you. What is it going to be?” I have never been so anxious in my life. I wished that I could be anywhere other than where I was. If she took me down to the station everyone would know. If I told her now, they still might know. What was I to do?

“Please, ma’am, don’t take me to the station. I will tell you why I am in here.” She crossed her arms and indicated for me to go on with it. “You see ma’am, I was in here to,” gulp, “punish myself.” Her stare did not waver. “I discipline myself whenever I am stressed or unable to concentrate. My mother used to spank me with the brush on my bare bottom and it always seemed to help me get back on track. She lives too far away for me to submit to a punishment from her, so I self-spank.”

“I see”, she said. That explains this magazine depicting naughty boys having their bottoms blistered and the brush, but what about the camera? Also, why is your underwear in the bag?” She was not making it easy on me. I was going to have to tell her everything or risk a trip to the station.

“I use the camera to document my punishment, so I can relive it at a later date.” “My underwear is in my backpack because I was giving myself corner time when you came in, so I did not have time to put both on. I was scared.” The whole time that I was explaining myself she was looking through the magazine.  When I finished explaining myself she looked up at me. I really could not see a change on her face, but something was there.

“Michael, I want you to show me where you gave yourself this punishment.” She picked up my things and put them in the bag and draped it over her shoulder. She pointed for me to get going, so I walked down the hall back towards the office where I had just blistered my butt 15 minutes ago. Once inside the office, I moved towards the desk and kept my back to it.

She set my bag on the couch. “Michael, let me tell you what we are going to do about this.” I had a huge lump in my throat as she spoke. “You are going to give yourself another spanking as I watch. Is that clear?” I think that my mouth actually dropped open at that statement. “I asked you a question, is that clear?” I finally looked at her. She was not beautiful, but she was attractive with shoulder length brown hair and light brown eyes. I saw her nametag too, it said Stevens.

“Yes, officer Stevens, I heard you” She handed me the bag and told me to get on with it then. I shuffled through the bag and she reached around me and grabbed the magazine and then sat on the end of the couch that was farthest from the door. I took the camera out and changed the card. Then I, once again, aimed it at the arm of the couch. I put my Mother’s brush on the seat cushion and hit record on the camera. Officer Stevens watched me intently. I kicked off my shoes and stepped up to the edge of the couch. My erection was about to bust out of my pants!!

I undid my belt buckle and my fly and then bent over the arm to keep her from seeing my erection. Once I bent over I reached back with both hands and pushed my jeans to my ankles, effectively baring my already punished rear end. I kicked my jeans off and then set my watch timer for eight minutes. I picked up the brush and hit start. I put my left arm behind my back and spread my legs before dropping the brush onto my left cheek.  She stared at me as I continued to blister my ass and never said a word. I was spanking myself harder than before and at five minutes the tears began to fill my eyes. My ass was burning like fire. I hit my sit spots and my upper thighs as she watched. I began to moan softly from the pain. Finally, the timer went off.

I lay over the arm of the couch breathing deeply for a couple of minutes and then she spoke. “Are you going to give yourself corner-time again, Michael?” I raised my head to look at her as tears ran down my cheeks. I set the brush down and stood up, not even bothering to cover myself. I adjusted the camera and walked past her to stand in the corner with my hands on my head for a good ten minutes. I heard her thumbing through the magazine and then she spoke to me. “Michael, turn around and look at me.” I turned slowly, my erection gaining in size again. She set the magazine down on the couch next to her. “Do you feel as though you have been punished enough?” I looked at her with my eyes still showing the trace of my tears.

“No ma’am, I deserve to be punished some more for coming into this building without permission.” My hands were on top of my head as my eyes drifted down to my feet once again. My hard-on raged out in front of me about to explode. “I should also be punished for my act of lewd behaviour.” I could tell that she was contemplating my demise. She shifted her position to the centre of the couch and picked up the brush.

Over Her Knees

“Michael, come here”, she said, as she patted her right thigh. I walked up to her right side. “Now young man, get over my knee and I will blister your bottom.” I did as she instructed and placed myself over her knee. She centred my bottom nice and high and locked my legs in place with hers, just like in the magazine. “Now, put your hands behind your back.” I did as I was told and then I felt the cuffs around my wrists. “You will remember this punishment young man.” As soon as that sentence was out she put a fire in my right cheek. Smack! It sounded like a gunshot. Then it was followed with SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, and SMACK! The blows kept coming. I had not been punished this hard in a long time.

“Stay still and take this punishment, Michael!” SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. I struggled to protect my bottom, but she pushed the chain of the cuffs up my back and kept my hands far away. I kicked and struggled like a little boy and then the tears came. I was balling like a baby. Officer Stevens kept spanking me with that dreaded brush. She alternated sit spots until I thought I would die.

“Please, ma’am, I’ll be good”, I wailed, to no avail.


Finally, she stopped. I lay sobbing over her lap like a well punished and remorseful little boy.  I know my ass was bruised without even looking at it. “Now, Michael, I want you to stand in the corner for 20 minutes.” She unlocked the cuffs and I stood up and moved to the corner. “Michael, is your mother’s number in your cell phone?” Why did she want to know this? Surely she was not going to call my mother!

“Uh, yes, Officer Stevens, it is.” She moved to my bag and grabbed my phone. I dared not turn around and then she took a picture of my bottom. Oh no, what was she doing? The next thing you know, my phone starts ringing.

“Hello, this is Officer Stevens of Campus Police. Hello Mrs Davis, I am glad you called so quickly. I knew that picture would prompt you to call.” She proceeded to tell my Mother about the whole thing and my self-spanking. I was mortified. In the end, they were both laughing about how bruised and blistered my bottom was. “It was nice talking to you, Mrs Davis and yes, I’ll tell him, goodbye. Well, Michael, your Mother is not very happy about your behaviour. She has given me permission to chastise your bottom anytime you need it. So, all you have to do is ask me when you need one and I will be happy to punish you for your misdeeds. Now, put your nose back in the corner for another ten minutes and then get yourself dressed and go home before I give it to you again.”

“Yes, ma’am”, I said, as I put my nose back in the corner. How was I ever going to live this down and would she tell anybody? My time here was going to be very different from now on for sure. Just as Officer Stacey Stevens turned to go she said something that brought my fear back in force.

“Oh, by the way, Michael, your Mother will be making a trip down here this Sunday and she told me to inform you that she was bringing the paddle.”

Oh no, not the paddle!

How To Get The Spanking You Want
  • I gave myself a similar punishment about a week or two ago using a hairbrush. It was hard, it hurt and my butt was sore for a while but it wasn’t the same as the real thing. My mom overheard the whole thing. When she asked me about it I tried to lie my way out of it telling her I had previously hurt my hand and that I was trying to get the feeling back into my fingers. I told her if I want a spanking that bad, I’ll just ask. She told me that if she catches me doing that again, she’ll be more than happy to punish my bottom. If that happens it’s gonna hurt so bad! I hope she doesn’t decide to use the paddle – I hate it!

  • I liked the story and thought he should have gotten the paddle to his behind for being bad and for his behavior being really awful.

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