A Little Bit Crazy

What began as a male self-spanking leads to a surprise thrashing from a female neighbour.

My name is Michael. I have been a Spanko for as long as I can remember. I crave everything about it, the stinging, the humiliation, the lack of control, and even the sound of it. It took me a long time before I could ever ask for one. I just settled for playing out my own fantasies by myself and self-spanking. This story is about the first time I ever received one from someone else.

When I was eighteen I moved away from home to attend college in a city two hours away. I found a little place near campus with a couple of roommates that was good enough to lay my head and have a meal or two. I settled in and got comfortable. Now, I am a bit of an exhibitionist, so after I was there for a month I kept thinking of ways to punish myself where there might be the possibility that I could get caught. I would wait until everyone would go out and then I would pull a chair out into the middle of the room.  I pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles and bent over for a solid ten minutes of my wooden hairbrush applied to my naked backside. I even did it a couple of times in the middle of the day with the windows open.

Now, I began to run out of ideas but soon found a great little spot right down the street from my house. There was an old piece of property that at one time had a house on it, but it had long since burned down. This property was overgrown and about the size of two acres. I walked around the whole place and found an old shed that had fallen in. Lying around the shed were three barrels, a couple of sawhorses, and a bunch of old milk crates. This stuff had laid there for years. The sawhorses looked interesting. My member stood at attention as soon as I saw them and thought about being bent over one for a sound spanking. I decided that the risk would be worth the reward and planned on doing it during lunch the next day.

The next day I raced home after class and tried to walk inconspicuously down the street to the property and my fate. My hard-on was growing. The bad thing about this spot is that I had to walk past ten houses to get to it. I could not see anybody watching me, but I had butterflies in my stomach for sure. There were a few cars parked on the street, but for the most part, nobody was home. I finally made it to the property and walked around to make sure there was not any one lurking. The highway on the backside of it would drown any of the spanks out, or at least a good majority of them. I was nervous. I guess this lot was vacant because of the highway, but I liked it.

The spot that I had positioned the saw horse was towards the back of the property in a little clearing that was surrounded by brush. It was good to not be seen, but it also did not allow me to see anyone coming. I looked around the brush one more time and decided that it was now or never. I pulled the flat backed wooden hairbrush from under my shirt and stepped up to the sawhorse. I set the brush on the sawhorse and undid my belt and then pushed my jeans down to my ankles. I leaned over and grabbed the brush. The first spank sounded like a gunshot out there in the open and it scared me. I just knew someone was going to hear me. I did not care. I laid it on my ass for a good five minutes. I then set the brush down and stood up. I looked around and then slid my underwear down to meet my jeans and bent back over. My hard-on was staring at me. I grabbed the brush and continued for the last five minutes. My ass was on fire. I almost cried. I quickly dressed and walked home.

I did not go back for a week, because I was sure someone had seen me. I did it the same way three more times over the next three weeks, but I finally got the courage up and wanted to try something a little more daring. Like I said before, I am a bit of an exhibitionist, but I also like bondage. It goes with my play. I bought six 4” eye bolts, three feet of medium gauge chain and some rope. I put my drill, drill bits, and all of my stuff, including my digital camera, into my small back pack and headed to my spot. There were a few more cars home today, so it made me really nervous. There were a couple of people outside too, but nobody that really worried me. There were two women in their gardens and then a man across the street working on his car. I kept going without looking back. Once in my jungle I felt more at ease, at least enough to get to work.

I laid my tools down and got to work. I drilled two 3/8” holes for the eye bolts on the inside of both near side legs about six inches from the ground. I drilled holes in the center beam about 16” apart and put two eye  bolts in there. Finally, I secured two eye bolts on the offside center leg brace about 36” apart from one another. Now I could pretend that I was really tied and prepared for a real punishment. To add to the excitement of being caught I decided to take my pants completely off and tie my ankles so my legs would be spread and then use the chain and two D-clips to hold down my waist on the cross beam. This was risky, because I would not be able to get untied and dressed fast enough if someone were to come looking. There goes my hard-on again.

It was about 1:30 p.m. so I still had time before most folks started to come home. I usually played about 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. so there was plenty of time left. I wanted this one to be the best yet, so instead of my brush I brought a 9” round paddle that was ½” thick. It should do the job, but it may be louder. Oh well, I decided to get started anyway. I rolled one of the barrels up behind the sawhorse and stood it up. I placed my digital camera on it and positioned it on the sawhorse and hit record. I just put a new four gig card in it, so I had plenty of time. I then took my jeans and underwear off and tied my ankles to the legs and bent over. The chain went across my midsection and I was able to clip it quite tight. There I was, naked and bound for a beating with my balls, dick, and asshole on display. I wrapped the slip knot of the rope on the font leg brace around my left wrist and tightened it. I only had use of my right hand now. I heard cars coming by and cracked the paddle. It stung like mad. I paddled harder and faster while alternating cheeks and catching my upper thighs. I kept time by my watch and could take no more at eight minutes. My ass was on fire and I was shaking a little. I laid there for a minute and then thought I heard something, so I quickly got released and dressed.

I was able to get my stuff back in the bag and my clothes on in about three minutes. I stepped out of the safety of the bushes and did not see anyone, so I shrugged it off and went home. My ass was burning. When I got home I looked in the mirror and boy, my butt was bruised. I laid down on my bed thinking about it and feverishly masturbated. I decided to do it again the same time next week. This time I would take the paddle and use a fresh cut switch. It was going to be fun.

Well, the next week came and my bottom was healed, so it was off to the woods again. I walked down the street like I had before and there was nobody around. I had it made in the shade. I walked to the back where my set-up was and began to make ready when I noticed something. Attached to the sawhorse was a Ziploc bag with a piece of paper in it. I looked around and saw no one and picked it up. It was a note.

So, you like to be spanked. Well, I have watched you on two separate occasions now and have seen you give it to yourself pretty good, but it is not the real thing. I live on your street and I followed you after I saw you come down here four times. I already know that you are daring, so I will propose this. I want you to strip from the waist down and secure yourself completely over the sawhorse. I want your hands bound and your camera running exactly at 1:30 p.m. which is the same time you were here last week. Are you daring enough to take a real spanking? If you are, then you will be in position when I get here. Place the paddle on the barrel and wait.

 My stomach was in knots. Who was this person? I knew that I heard something last week. Is it a man or a woman? My mind was going crazy. I thought about just leaving and started to, but my daring side got a hold of me. Well, they did ask if I wanted a real spanking and in fact I did. They have already seen me spank myself. Screw it, I will do it. I made up my mind. It was 1:15 p.m. so I got the camera set and then the paddle laid out. Next, I had to prepare myself. Could I go through with it? I shrugged and pulled my shoes off and then my pants. I still had my underwear on, but I quickly took them off too. I stepped up to the sawhorse and secured my ankles. I then bent over and secured my waist. I secured my left wrist first. It was down to my right wrist. Once it was cinched, I could not get it back open very easily, if at all, because they were tight to the sawhorse and left little room to move. I cinched it down. Immediately I began to regret what I had done. I waited.

I looked at my watch and it was now 1:27 p.m. I had been tied up for a couple of minutes when I heard the distinct sound of someone walking. I was scared. More scared than I have ever been. It was hard for me to look up in the direction that they were coming from, so I just kept my head down. I heard them walk up behind me and just stand there without saying a word. I had no idea what to do. Then I heard them pick up the paddle and pace back in forth behind me while slapping it on their palm. I still did not want to look. I was mortified that I was about to be punished by a stranger and it was from my own doing.

I waited impatiently as they stepped up behind me on my left side. I saw jeans briefly, but I did not want to look. Still, they said nothing. I felt the cool paddle touch my ass for a brief second, lift away, and then create fire in my left cheek. I jerked and yelped a little. The paddle landed again on my right cheek with the same force. Again and again the paddle crashed down on my naked bottom. I could not get away. They were hard and fast. I was whimpering and my eyes began to water. I glanced at my watch. Eleven minutes went by before the paddle stopped. Tears ran slowly down my cheek. Then I felt a hand on my hot ass. It was a woman’s hand. She caressed my ass and took a tiny bit of the sting out of it.

“Well young man, is that better than spanking your self,” she asked. I replied that it was through my tears. “Well, I am not quite done.” I heard her slip the leather belt from my pants. “Well, a spanking just doesn’t stop because you want it to. You have to be punished.” She stepped back up and brought the belt down hard on my sit spots. I yelped so loud that I thought someone would hear me. She striped my ass over and over until I collapsed in tears on the sawhorse. I heard her drop the belt on my pants and then she walked around to the front of me. “All done my boy, I hope you enjoyed it.” She knelt down and looked me in the face and saw my tears. It was one of the ladies that was working in her yard the week before. Thank you I said and she said anytime, but most definitely next week. With that she loosened my hands and I was able to take the waist belt off and stand up. I forgot about being naked and my hard-on bounced off the top of the sawhorse. She saw it waving and smiled. “Next week,” she said and turned to walk away. I asked what her name was and she said Mrs. Malone. I could not wait until the next week. When she got out of sight I masturbated like a mad man.

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