A Lesson in Obedience

Inspired by a true story a wayward city girl learns about obedience country style. Upon being caught breaking her uncle Henry’s rules Sherry gets her first taste of real domestic discipline. Ordered to the barn her jeans and panties are quickly pooled around her ankles. A well worn wooden paddle and leather strap await.

As it turned out, the farm wasn’t as far out in the boondocks as Sherry had thought. She could easily ride her bike into town (such as it was), and at least there seemed to be some kids her age to hang around with. The “responsibilities of farm life” weren’t all that bad either – not much more than helping Aunt Beth around the house and garden for a couple of hours a day. What worried her most was Uncle Henry’s belief in rules and discipline.

On her first day at the farm, Uncle Henry took her out to the barn for “a little talk”. He let Sherry know that her father had told him all about the behavioral problems she’d been having at home: not minding her parents, sneaking around, lying, the list went on and on. With this, Uncle Henry took a wooden paddle off of a rusty nail on the wall. The “business end” was dark wood – about 12 inches long and half an inch thick – it looked well used. Just looking at it in Uncle Henry’s hand sent an ice-cold flutter through Sherry’s spine and into her stomach. Uncle Henry continued talking, all the while tapping his palm with the wicked looking piece of wood. He told Sherry that he expected her to be respectful and obedient to her elders and to follow the simple rules that he gave her. No smoking or drinking, no one-on-one dates without permission and she had to be home by 9:00 p.m. every night unless she got permission to stay out and do something special. Failure to comply with the rules, he warned, would result in another trip out to the barn – one that would end in Sherry receiving a serious paddling.

Sherry listened and nodded and agreed wholeheartedly to whatever Uncle Henry said. Anything to get her out of that barn and away from that paddle quicker. But later that day, drinking homemade lemonade on the porch with her aunt and uncle, she tried to convince herself that Uncle Henry was just trying to scare her. She just couldn’t believe that he would REALLY go through with spanking her. After all, she was 15 years old and she had never been spanked in her life. Her parents had threatened her on a couple of occasions too, but they never went through with it. Uncle Henry might be a no-nonsense ex-marine Sargent, but Sherry still couldn’t imagine him pulling down her jeans and panties and paddling her bare bottom “till it glowed” like he had promised.

So, Sherry settled into life in the country. She became friends with some of the other kids and would join them at the movie theater or the Burger King after her chores were done. She had taken a few puffs of others’ cigarettes, just to look cool, but didn’t really like it and although she had pushed her 9:00 p.m. curfew on a few occasions, it was never by much, and Uncle Henry let her get away with it.

Then one day she met Eddie. Eddie was older – 17, with dark wavy hair and deep green eyes that made Sherry’s feel lightheaded. Sherry knew that a lot of the girls were hot for Eddie, and she was thrilled when he came over to talk to her. She flirted shamelessly and tried to act more mature. When he passed her a beer, she drank it and by the end of her second bottle, she felt bubbly and witty and sexy. They had started out in the Burger King parking lot with the rest of the kids, but soon ended up alone by the lake, making out in Eddie’s jeep. It was hot and exciting and she totally lost track of everything except Eddie’s mouth and hands, until she saw the headlights reflecting in the jeep’s rear view mirror. She disengaged from Eddie’s mouth and peered back – only to see her uncle’s figure rapidly approaching the jeep.

“Sharon Luise Parker! Get your butt out of that jeep this instant!”

Embarrassment washed over Sherry. What was Eddie going to think of her – getting yelled at by her uncle like a little kid? She tried to act nonchalantly, saying something witty about her uncle thinking he was still in the Marines or something. She even tried for another kiss on her way out, but Eddie was suddenly nervous and couldn’t wait to get out of there. She barely got herself out of the jeep before he was gunning the engine and speeding away. She was left like a deer in the headlights of her uncle’s truck. One look at Uncle Henry and all of her worry about Eddie faded away. Fear hit her stomach like a brick. God, he looked really pissed!

“Young lady, you have A LOT of explaining to do!”

“We weren’t doing anything Uncle Henry – just talkin’ – that’s all, honest,” Sherry said with her best look of innocence.

“Must have been hard talking with his tongue in your mouth! Now, you’d best get in the truck before that lying mouth of yours gets you into any more trouble!”

Sherry tried to maneuver past him, but suddenly Uncle Henry grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him.

“Is that BEER I smell on you, young lady?!? Don’t lie to me Sharon, or by God, I’ll take you into the police station for a breath test.”

“It was only a little beer – no big deal – all the kids were drinking it.”

“I don’t give a damn what the other kids were drinking! I specifically told you – no alcohol. Obviously you chose to disobey that rule, along with a lot of other rules tonight. Do you know what time it is Sharon?”

Sherry didn’t and was surprised when her watch revealed a quarter past eleven.

“I’ve been driving around town for an hour looking for you. Luckily, one of the girls told me that she saw you and Eddie drive off toward the lake – where it seems Eddie likes to take all his DATES.”

The rock in Sherry’s stomach had turned into an iceberg. She certainly had done a bang up job of getting herself into trouble. She only hoped that Uncle Henry had been bluffing when he said that he would paddle her for misbehaving – but somehow, watching him scowl as he started up the truck, she was starting to doubt it.

Uncle Henry lectured Sherry all the way back home, but Sherry barely heard him – all she could think about was his warning to her out in that barn: “I’m going to pull down your jeans and panties and paddle your bare bottom till it glows!”

When they got back home – Sherry was sent up to bed with a pronouncement of doom. “I’ll deal with your misbehavior in the morning, young lady.” Sherry lay in bed, her mind racing. God, what had she gotten herself into? Was he really going to paddle her in the morning? How much would it hurt? He wouldn’t really hurt her, would he? Maybe he would just ground her or something? How much would a paddling hurt? Would she cry?

The morning found Sherry bleary-eyed. She wasn’t sure if the fluttery feeling in her stomach was from last night’s beer or the threat of this morning’s paddling. Either way, she was quite and barely ate any breakfast.

“Well, young lady, its high time we took a walk out to the barn and deal with last night’s behavior,” Uncle Henry announced when the dishes had been cleared away.

Aunt Beth shook her head. “Really Sherry, we were so worried about you. What in the world were you thinking?”

“Not thinking – that was her problem, but we’re going to work on that with a good ole fashioned paddling. Alright, young lady – let’s go.”

Sherry wanted to run, hide, die – anything – but her uncle had already taken hold of her arm and was leading her out toward the barn. The walk was both shorter and longer than she had ever imagined possible. And then there they were, standing in the middle of the hay bales and farm equipment in the cool semi-darkness of the barn.

“Sharon, up until last night, you behaved yourself reasonably well here with us. But last night’s behavior was totally unacceptable and gave me a glimpse of what you’re like at home. Your father was right – you have no respect for authority.”

“I do, Uncle Henry, I do! … I know I messed up last night…and I’m really sorry, but it won’t happen again, I promise…really I do!” Sherry stammered.

“I’m afraid that I can’t believe that Sharon. Right now you’d say anything to get yourself out of a paddling. It’s too late for that though. Now, I gave you very simple rules and you chose to break them. Home by nine, no alcohol, no dating. Simple rules, but you chose to disobey because they were inconvenient – isn’t that right?”

Sherry stared at the straw covered floor, unable to speak.

“Well, young lady, I’m going to teach you a little lesson in obedience today – one that I think you’ll remember for quite some time.”

With that he walked over and took the paddle down from its place. Sherry felt like she was going to faint. Oh God, he was REALLY going to do it.

“Now then Sharon,” Uncle Henry began, tapping the paddle on his palm. “I promised you a paddling and that’s precisely what you’re going to get. But it’s also the first time that you’ve probably ever been spanked, so I’m only going to give your bare bottom four strokes of this paddle…provided that you follow my one simple rule. You will bend over and grab your ankles for the paddling and I expect you to maintain that position through the entire four strokes. If you choose to disobey me and move out of position, that stroke won’t count. If you disobey twice in a row, you’ll get a penalty stroke which I will deliver with the strap on your bare bottom after your paddling is over. Now is that understood?”

Sharon nodded, dumbfounded.

“I want to hear you say it Sharon!”

“Yes, Uncle Henry, I understand.”

“Alright then, take down your jeans.”

“Oh please Uncle Henry…”

“Young lady, if those jeans aren’t around your ankles in 30 seconds, you’re going to receive a strapping BEFORE your paddling! Now get them down!”

Sharon unbuttoned her jeans with shaking fingers and quickly moved them down till they bunched around her ankles. Maybe four strokes of the paddle wouldn’t be so bad. Uncle Henry sure made it seem like he was letting her off easy this time.

“Good, now bend over and grab your ankles. That’s right…all the way over. Yes, just like that, that’s the position I expect you to maintain through out your paddling.”

Sharon grabbed onto her ankles. He forgot my panties, she thought hopefully. But just then she felt her uncle’s hands reach into the waist band of her panties and with one fast yank, they were pulled down to join her jeans. Sherry imagined her uncle staring at her smooth, white bottom…her pussy totally exposed to him in this position. She cringed, as embarrassment flushed through her.

“Alright Sharon, four strokes of the paddle. If you do as you’ve been told – that’s all it will be”.

She felt the cold, smooth surface of the wooden paddle against her bottom. Four strokes, that was all…and then it’d be all over and she could pull her jeans and panties back up. She grabbed her ankles even tighter. The paddle left her bottom…she heard it whoosh as it rushed toward it’s target and then felt the hard board’s impact through her whole body, almost knocking her over. For a moment she thought – ‘Hey, this isn’t so bad.’ – but then the pain messages from her butt arrived and she felt like she had been stung by a million bees.

Sherry screamed and jumped up, hands going reflexively to her injured bottom. Nothing in her life had prepared her for this. Uncle Henry just stood there, shaking his head.

“Didn’t take you long to disobey me, Sharon. I specifically told you to maintain your position. That stroke doesn’t count…you still have four to go. Now bend back over and resume the position.”

“But Uncle Henry, I can’t…I mean…it hurts too much…I’ll never be able to stand it…”

“Quit arguing and do as you’re told, young lady or I’ll make it six strokes. Let’s go!”

Sherry bent over, clutching her ankles and biting her lip. Maybe this stroke wouldn’t be as hard…

This time when the paddle whipped through the air to strike her bottom the pain was immediate. She was up and hopping around in place before she even knew it. “Ahhhowwww…it hurts…it hurts”.

“Of course it hurts, Sharon. If it didn’t hurt, it wouldn’t do you any good. Not that it seems to be doing you much good anyway…once again you failed to follow the rules…maybe I need to paddle you harder.”

“No…please…I’m sorry…please.”

“Very well. Back in position.”

Reluctantly Sherry bent over again, locking her knees and grabbing her ankles as hard as she could. She felt the coolness of the paddle against her scorched bottom as her uncle readied for the next stroke.

“Now, you still have four strokes of the paddle and your repeated disobedience has earned you a penalty stroke of the strap. Is that understood, young lady?”

Sherry nodded miserably.

“I can’t hear you!”

“Yes, Sir.”

It just wasn’t fair. He was hitting her too hard. Her bottom already hurt so much…and none of that even counted…it was so unf…WWHAAPP. Sherry couldn’t help herself. She rolled onto the barn floor, holding her butt. Oh it burned, it burned so bad. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. She couldn’t get up anymore…couldn’t take another stroke…it wasn’t fair!

“Get up off that floor!”

Sherry shook her head no! She just couldn’t take another stroke of that awful paddle.

“I’m warning you, young lady…get up and back in position if you know what’s good for you.”

“No, I can’t…no more, please,” Sherry begged. She couldn’t believe that he was being so mean to her!

“Alright then…”

Suddenly, Sherry found herself being lifted up by the back of her t-shirt. She heard it start to rip, as Uncle Henry pushed her across the nearest hay bale. Holding her down with a hand on her back he brought the paddle down again and again on her upturned bottom. She was crying in earnest by the time he let go of her and she sank back down to the straw strewn floor.

“You have a real problem with following orders, young lady…but you’re going to get better at it…even if we have to be here all day! Now, are you going to get up by yourself, or do you want some more help from me?”

Still crying, Sherry managed to stand up. Uncle Henry had given her at least four strokes of the paddle over that hay bale…maybe if she did what he wanted her punishment would be over. He saw her struggling with the jeans and panties that twisted themselves around her sneakers, and sighed.

“You might as well take ’em all the way off Sharon…”

Her heart sank.

“You still have all four strokes of the paddle to take and I’m adding an extra penalty stoke of the strap for your blatant disobedience.”

Sniffling, Sherry struggled to kick off her jeans and sneakers together, falling back over in the process. This time she got up without being told. Uncle Henry didn’t seem impressed.

“Bend over.”

Her legs shaking, Sherry did as she was told. The paddle wooshed through the air and cracked across her blazing butt. Crying out, Sherry jumped up…but quickly bent back over into position. Not quickly enough though for Uncle Henry.

“Sorry Sharon, that’s just not good enough. You’re gonna have to learn to obey the rules. Not just sort of obey them or obey them when you feel like it. I said NO jumping up, and that’s exactly what I meant. You still have four strokes of the paddle and now you have three strokes of the strap as a penalty.”

Sherry whimpered, but stayed in position.

Her uncle measured the next stroke, raised his arm to shoulder level and brought the paddle down hard across her quivering bottom. This time she managed to stay bent over but one of her hands instinctively leapt to cover her bottom. It felt hot and swollen.

“Yes Sharon, your bottom is getting real red. It’s only going to get worse with every stroke…and you STILL have four strokes to go. I’d start obeying the rules if I were you.”

“I’m trying, Uncle Henry…I am…it’s just SO hard!” Sherry wailed.

“That’s right young lady…sometimes obeying the rules is hard. You’d better try a lot harder if you want this punishment to be over anytime soon. Now get that hand back down and get yourself ready for the next stroke.”

Sherry grabbed her ankles with both hands. Tears ran from her eyes and her nose was stuffed up from crying. She had to stay in place this time. She just had to.

Sherry cried out, going up onto her toes as the next stroke of the paddle hit home, but she had stayed bent over.

“That’s better” her uncle pronounced, measuring the paddle against her blistered bottom again.

“Now just think, if you’d obeyed like that from the start…you’d be long done by now instead of having three more strokes to go.”

Sherry cried even harder, but she knew that he was right. More than ever she was determined to stay in position for the remainder.

The next few minutes were pure agony. Through amazing effort, she remained bent over as the paddle blistered her bottom twice more. Between strokes, she waved her bottom from side to side, trying in vain to shake off the sting. She was past caring about the sight that she presented to her uncle.

“Alright Sharon, one stroke left. Take it like you took the last three and your paddling will be over. Are you ready, young lady?”

Sherry shut her eyes, her hands were sweaty around her ankles…but she grabbed them harder yet. “Yes Sir, Uncle Henry.”

Sherry held her breath as she waited for what she hoped would be the last stroke of the paddle against her punished skin. Her heart beat in her ears as her uncle gave her bottom a few preparatory taps with the paddle. When it finally came sweeping down, the paddle landed on her bottom with a solid crack and a pain that made her see stars. Sherry could hardly catch her breath to cry out. She sobbed and coughed but stayed bent over, even as she heard Uncle Henry hanging the paddle back up on the wall. He came back over and guided her carefully up and into a hug.

“Good girl, Sherry. I’m proud of you. I knew you could be good, if you just set your mind to it. Good girl.”

Sherry sobbed into her uncle’s flannel shirt as he stroked her back. It felt good to be held in his strong arms and to not have him mad at her anymore. Eventually her sobs subsided. Then she remembered the penalty strokes.

“Uncle Henry…”

“Yes, dear?”

“Is my punishment over?”

“Well…your punishment for last night is over. But, I’m afraid you still have three strokes of the strap for disobeying during your paddling. I’m sorry that I have to do this, sweetheart, but…”

“I know…rules are rules,” Sherry finished.

Uncle Henry smiled down at her. “That’s right. I can give them to you now, or wait till after dinner tonight.”

“I’d rather get it over with now please, Uncle Henry”. Sherry didn’t EVER want to step foot in this barn again.

Uncle Henry nodded and led her over to one of the hay bales. Gently he guided her to lie on top of it, with her legs stretched out behind her. The hay was scratchy beneath her, but she didn’t figure she’d notice it in another second. She watched as her uncle took down a wide, well worn strap of brown leather from the wall.

“I’m afraid the state of your bottom is going to make it necessary for me to use the strap on your thighs, Sherry. I don’t think I have to tell you that I expect you to stay in position for this. Fortunately, if you do, this will be over in a minute.”

“Yes Uncle Henry.”

Sherry braced herself, holding onto the edge of the bale. In fact, it was over in just under a minute. The leather made three sizzling trips across her sensitive upper thighs. She cried out and kicked her legs a little after each one, but Uncle Henry didn’t seem to mind that. He told her that he was proud of her for being so brave during her punishment as he gathered her up into another hug. She told him that she was sorry for disobeying him and promised she’d be really good from now on.

“I know you will, sweetheart…especially now that you know the price for breaking the rules. I won’t be so easy on you the next time. Now, go on back to the house and your Aunt Beth will rub some cold cream on your bottom. That’ll make it feel a bit better.”

Back in the house, Aunt Beth watched as Sherry walked gingerly across the yard, wearing only her t-shirt and sneakers. She remembered the summer that Sherry’s older sister came to stay with them. Becky had ended up making four trips out to the barn with her uncle. Aunt Beth unscrewed the jar of hand lotion and wondered if the younger sister was a better learner.

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