A Good Old Fashioned Spanking

Panties down, corner time, protocol and ceremony are vividly captured in this richly detailed description of a classic bare bottom spanking.

A good old fashioned spanking is soundly but compassionately administered upon the spot provided by nature herself: your bare bottom.

Spankings: Punishment and Reminder

The punishment must fit the offence. Minor misconduct merits a thorough warming over by a firm hand. More serious violations justify the sting of a solid hairbrush or wooden paddle. Greater transgressions are corrected by the classic two-stage approach that begins with a good hand spanking followed by a thorough session with the hairbrush. Truly bad behavior warrants the sizzling kiss of the time-honoured razor strap or a truly lickety cane or birch. The foreboding words “This is going to be a spanking that you will not soon forget” will, indeed, be long remembered – both words and deed.

Some spankings are not the consequence of a particular offence. Rather they are those “precautionary reminders” given on a regular or random basis designed to ensure that even good conduct continues on the straight and narrow. An ounce of prevention as it were.


A good old fashioned spanking does not begin with the baring of your naked bottom nor end with delivery of the final stroke. Your spanking will be anticipated.

Consider the suspense arising from the well-timed announcement of sound discipline to be delivered later on that day. The anticipation may be further heightened by providing a specific time or leaving it completely open. Imagine the nervous tension arising while waiting in your room just before the actual event: you do not know if your panties are coming down in five minutes or in thirty minutes. But you know with certainty that they are coming down and your bare bottom is going to feel it. The mere thought of sitting suddenly becomes uncomfortable.

Rule of Certainty

Once a spanking has been announced there is absolutely no way to avoid it. Argument, pleading and protest are among the quickest guarantees to successive spankings on the days to follow. One such incident, of being soundly and thoroughly spanked followed by a repeat performance the very next day, should be more than sufficient to instil the rule of certainty and the error of protest.

Ceremony and Protocol

Ceremony and protocol play important roles. Corner time serves as an exquisite countdown to the approaching event. You survey the two immediate walls with hands clasped behind your head, fingers interlaced, symbolically indicating the inability to protect your soon to be stinging behind. Corner time need not be dull nor unimaginative. You could be standing fully clothed or just in your bra and panties. Perhaps you might just have your skirt or pants removed with your shirt neatly tied or pinned up. More unnerving yet would be corner standing wearing only panties bunched around your knees. Panties around the knees are not without purpose. They were lowered to that position by the spanker after which a handful of sound slaps are given to your pristine bottom. The predicted effect leaves you with a mildly stinging tush sensitive to the cool air now passing over while gripping you with the certain knowledge that more, much more, is yet to come. In the spirit of true anticipation, neither does the style of ceremony nor length of corner time reveal the intensity of the punishment that you anxiously await.

Preparation: Baring and Positioning

Soon your spanking will begin. You are firmly but politely ordered to “Come over here”. You know from experience that hesitation measured in seconds could win you an encore performance the very next day. If clothed you are instructed to clasp your hands behind your neck while your pants are unbuckled, unzipped and lowered to the floor so that you may step out of them. When a skirt is worn it is removed completely. Next, your panties are lowered to your knees or ankles. If the corner time ritual saw you clad only in panties or were at half-mast already they too are lowered or removed altogether. Again, with good reason as you will soon see. You are then carefully and securely placed into the classic over the knee position. Panties if remaining at this point afford you no protection as you feel the spanker’s fingers under the elastic waistband pulling them down completely. Head down, bottom up, outer arm held securely, you are now ready. Shortly there will be that irresistible but futile attempt to cover your exposed bottom.

The Spanking

Your spanking then begins with the sound purposeful punishing due sorely deserving naked flesh: neither too fast nor too slow and always on target. Ever square inch of your shapely bottom from just below your hips to the top of your thighs will become a rolling sea of bright disciplinary red. Your legs will kick with wild excitement as your hands struggle to protect your aching fanny. But to no avail. Your spanking will continue to its sound conclusion. It will not be hurried nor abated by promises of good behaviour or other pleading. Throughout your tanning you will take comfort in the knowledge that although the sensation is intense it is administered with kindness, control and compassion. You are never in any danger.

Upon cessation several outcomes are possible. You may be allowed the instant relief of springing to your feet and feverishly rubbing your thoroughly tenderised derriere doing the “fire dance” as it is sometimes described. An alternative may see you held firmly in place for ten to fifteen minutes as the instructive heat continues to do its task. More strict yet is a return to the wall for additional corner time. This time your panties may be fully returned to cover your bottom thus further encasing the disciplinary heat and denying any immediate relief. This stands in particularly fine contrast to earlier corner time that may have seen cool air passing over a lightly spanked bottom. Once again hands are behind the neck with strict instructions forbidding any touching of your soundly spanked bottom. Failure to comply will bring a painful amount of immediate additional swats. Shifting your weight from foot to foot may or may not be allowed.

The Aftermath: A Gentle Touch

The final touch is a tender one. Once the corrective heat has had its effect soothing cold cream will be gently applied to your well-reddened bottom. Your hair will be softly stroked as gentle words reassuringly calm your excited spirit: you will be cradled by love and peacefulness. For good measure, you will be reminded of the speed and ease with which your panties will come down again should the occasion arise. There is now no doubt in your mind that you have received one good old fashioned bare bottom spanking.


The foregoing does not represent any necessary commitment to individual techniques, methods, instruments or degrees of severity. Rather, its purpose is to illustrate a rich set of possibilities combined with subtle but important nuances. Consider the many creative and exciting variations of the foregoing scenario. Does your panty covered bottom receive a brisk warm up before the real business at hand takes place? Are the number of strokes to be administered disclosed in advance or left as a tantalising secret? Savour the approach of the disciplinarians of old who simply ordered “Strip completely young lady” before administering a sound and proper tanning. Imagine a truly instructive licking in the great outdoors with a birch or hickory switch. And finally, reflect upon the discussion style spanking also of old. Bent over the knee the discussion begins: questions are asked while your bottom is spanked, your soul of misconduct is probed. Transgressions are noted for later correction while answers slow in coming are immediately punished. The thought of lying, deception or anything less than the full and complete truth is painstakingly avoided. In the end, the truth shall set you free.

“A Good Old Fashioned Spanking”, copyright (c) Michael Walker 2004. All rights reserved.


How To Give A spanking - How To Get A Spanking
  • Me too, I was also spanked over Mum’s knee and I deserved every one. She mainly used a slipper on my bare bottom and it was a very painful experience. Occasionally she also used the cane and for this, I was told to bend over the table, boy did this hurt.

  • I was strapped in front of my sisters as they counted the licks. If they missed one it would start again. My ass was always very red, sore, bruised and bloodshot.

  • Speaking from first-hand experience, there is no better way for a naughty teenage boy to learn a lesson than being spanked over his mother’s knee! I was punished over my mom’s knee until I was 19 and became a better person as a result of her bare bottom discipline. Looking back, I am thankful I had a mother who did not hesitate whenever I needed and deserved to be soundly spanked.

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