A Girl’s First Bare Bottom Spanking – True Story

A young girl recounts her first bare bottom spanking as administered by her strict mother: “Protest became clearly pointless as my knickers were removed completely.”

You are welcome to contact the author, Tracy Tony.

I was not born until the mid-90s a time when spanking was becoming unfashionable. It was outlawed in schools and rarely used in homes.

My parents were very religious and strict Christians whose child-rearing principles were founded upon “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” and “A child should be seen and not heard.”  I was a timid youngster and soon learned that any tantrums or misbehaviour meant a slap on the legs or on the seat of my knickers in my very early years.

I was about eight years old when punishments became more severe.  Several times on the way home from school I had rung a neighbour’s door chime and ran away. The neighbour had complained to my mother who had told me off and warned me not to do it again. I did not for a couple of weeks but then one afternoon the temptation became too much: I pressed the button and immediately the door opened – the lady grabbed my shoulder and marched me straight down the road to my home.

When my mother answered the door, the neighbour told her what I had been up to, again. We entered the lounge as Mum listened to the lady’s detailed account of my offence and her ensuing annoyance. Mum became furious, grabbed my wrist and led me to the drawing room where she sat down and proceeded to pull me across her lap. I was a slight girl so this took little doing. She lifted my school skirt, tucked the hem into the waistband then started pulling down my knickers. This was the first time I had pleaded with my mother not to spank me, especially with the lady present. This protest became clearly pointless as my knickers were removed completely. I was trembling: My nose almost touching the carpet, feet dangling just off the floor and legs shaking – the position was inescapable. Then Mum’s hand came down with a sting far worse than anything before and now for the first time on my bare bottom. Her hand lit into my naked flesh with 10 to 12 solid, searing cracks. When she let me get up I was sobbing and raced to my bedroom.

When the pain had eased slightly, I ventured downstairs. By this time my father was home from work and proceeded to lecture me for what seemed like an age. Mum assured me that what she had done earlier would happen again if there was further naughtiness or misbehaviour and that I would be spanked in front of anyone present. To close the matter, she would meet me from school the following day to visit the neighbour where I would say sorry and promise never do it again. After we had our evening meal I was sent to bed.

When I entered my room and closed the door behind me I was greeted for the first time by a cane hanging behind the door. From then on it was the last thing I saw before going to sleep and the first thing I saw on waking.  While I said nothing at breakfast, eventually Mum asked, “Have you seen the cane?” That was a silly comment I thought. Mum said she felt it when younger and I would soon feel it if there was any more misbehaviour adding that it should not be removed from where it hung. I was packed off to school thinking about the cane all day. As promised, Mum met me after school and I suffered the shame of apologizing to the neighbour. Upon returning home I immediately went to my room and inspected the cane; I never hid nor even moved it for the next eight years. The cane was on show for everyone to see including friends when they visited to play music or do homework, workmen, window cleaners and neighbours from across the road.

Mum did punish me again over the years sometimes with others present but fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you view, never used the cane. However, I still have it to this day as it very useful for role play with my partner.

You are welcome to contact the author, Tracy Tony.

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  • Hi Tracy, How exactly do you prepare for a bare bottom spanking? Did your mom use her hand the first time? I see you mention a caning. I am in Michigan and don’t what exactly a caning is. We get either the hand, paddle or belt or all three. I’m 18 but its Mom’s house her rules.

    • Yes, I can say so myself. Mom spanked my bare bottom good until I was in my 30s. She agreed to pay for college, but I had good grades and help out around the house. She once spanked me in front of my then-girlfriend, now wife.

  • Very well written and nice recollection of your mom “getting to the bottom” so to speak of matters.

  • Great story, Tracy. Good to hear that you got what you had coming. I look forward to hearing more.


  • I am the author of this story. Please be invited to leave a comment or contact me through the email address included above.


    • Tracy,

      This story is quite authentic and you told it very well. I personally never got the cane and cannot imagine how much it hurts. Glad you didn’t have to find out either!

    • This was very well written and was straight to the point in a sincere and honest way. I wanted to know as time went by and you were spanked for disobedience, misbehavior or other things that were dealt with in this manner, what different implements were used? I also wanted to know if you had actually been spanked by another person that was not in your family?

    • As someone who endured many over the knee spankings from both parents, I can honestly say it is the most used style of punishment in the UK when I was growing up. Nice story and indeed nice to hear. The child should always end up with a sore bottom after.

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