A College Spanking

My poor college grades were about to improve. “Now young man, you have been asking for this spanking since we met and I know that you have let your studies slip, so now I will give you what you wanted. Take your pants down.” I was trembling as I reached for my belt buckle and unbuttoned my pants.

I have been into spanking for as long as I can remember. I really found something intriguing about it around the sixth grade (puberty). This story is about the first time I ever received a real spanking as a young adult.

I moved to Louisiana due to military obligation and once my tour was over I had some GI-Bill money for college, so I decided to attend a nearby university. I arrived to town in the spring and found an empty single occupancy efficiency apartment close to campus. For the first couple of weeks I made quite a few friends and even landed a part time job to help with my bills. Now, I have never been really open with my fantasy of being spanked with anyone, but that was all about to change.

My apartment was actually part of a renovated four bedroom house that was right in the middle of the downtown historic district. I had met a couple of the neighbors and got to know one of them quite well. Her name was Paula and she was a 54-year-old divorcee and a retired teacher living alone. I would see her outside in her garden quite a bit and if she looked like she needed help with anything, then I would run right over.

Paula and I made small talk quite often and she even invited me over for dinner a couple of times. Now, being the deviant that I am, I made little comments about spanking whenever they would seem cute or funny. I guess I was hoping that she would pick up on it, but at the same time I was hoping that she did not think I was weird. I was coming in to my midterms and I was having trouble in one of my classes. I had made a 68 on my most recent test and had an overall “D” midway through the semester. I needed this midterm to go well.

I was making small talk with Paula after I got home from work and just happened to mention my dilemma. “Well for one thing James, you go out too much when you should be studying. You need to learn discipline if you are to succeed.” I thought that I was dreaming and I waited for the offer of that punishment, but it never came. It was seriously anti-climactic. We talked a bit longer and I could tell that she was thinking about something, but she never said what it was. I said goodbye for the evening and went to study for my test that was in three days. Before I got to the door she told me that if I needed anything not to hesitate to ask. I smiled and went in. I was totally embarrassed.

After class the next day I came home to find her sitting on her porch. It was 1:30 p.m. and most of the neighbors were at work. She waved to me and invited me over. We made small talk for a minute and then she asked me a question. “James, is there something that you want to ask me?” I played coy. “What do you mean Paula?” “I think that there is something on your mind young man and you should tell me what it is,” she said. Did I dare tell her that I wanted her to spank me? I wanted to, but I had butterflies in my stomach and could not get out the words.

“What if I already know what it is from all of our conversations James,” she said. I was really embarrassed now and I looked down at my feet. “I see that you must know what I am talking about. Let’s go inside shall we.” She stood up and opened the door to the house while looking right at me with a rather stern face. I walked in and she closed the door behind us. “Wait in the living room, I will be right back.” I walked to the living room and sat on the sofa not knowing what to expect. My stomach was in knots and my member was tingling. She walked back in with a hairbrush and instantly I knew that she was on to me.

“Well James, I see that I need to take the initiative, so would you stand up please?” I stood up and she sat in my spot and placed the brush on the couch to her left. She then grabbed my wrist and guided me to her right thigh. “Now young man, you have been asking for this spanking since we met and I know that you have let your studies slip, so now I will give you what you wanted. Take your pants down.” I was trembling as I reached for my belt buckle and unbuttoned my pants. I was afraid that she would see my raging hard-on through my boxer briefs as I pushed my pants to my ankles, but as soon as they were down she yanked me over her knee. I put my hands on the floor as she centered my bottom. “If you try to get up or protect your bottom then you will receive further punishment. Is that understood?” “Yes Ma’am,” I said.

With my answer all but out, she started to rain down spanks on my upturned bottom. They were not too bad at first and I wiggled my butt just a little at the touch of her hand. She increased her tempo and they began to sting. My penis was hard as a rock and trapped against her thighs. It felt so good I could hardly stand it. She spanked me steadily from top to bottom and then stopped. I knew what was coming. “Lift your hips James.” I did as instructed and she pulled my underwear down to join my jeans. I could hardly believe that I was being spanked on the bare by my next door neighbor. It stung and felt good all at the same time.

She spanked me with her hand until it began to hurt quite a bit. She concentrated on my sit spots and my upper thighs. “Now James, I want you to remember this spanking for some time to come, so now we are going to begin with your real punishment. Maybe next time you will study a little harder.” The first slap of the brush made my legs stick out straight and I involuntarily reached my right hand back to block the blows. She pinned my arm high on my back with her left hand and pushed me down. “I warned you about putting your hands back James. Now when I am done with the brush you will get the paddle as well.” “Please Paula; I will not reach back again.” I pleaded with her to stop but she kept punishing my naked bottom with her dreadful brush. It hurt more than I imagined it would. The pain was immense, but I still had butterflies in my stomach.

“You need to be more consistent with your studies SLAP, SLAP!” She scolded me as she spanked. “Are you going to study harder now James?” “Yes Paula, please stop!” “We are nowhere near done young man. You will learn a valuable lesson today.” My legs were all over the place and my pants were now completely off. I can only imagine what I looked like. The tears were starting to well up. She spanked me with the brush until I thought that I could take no more. Then as quickly as it started, it stopped. “Alright young man, I want you to remove your underwear and put your nose in that corner with your hands on your head until I tell you that you can move.” “Tears ran down my face as I stood up and all I could mutter was a muted “Yes Ma’am.” When I stood up I noticed her staring at my erection and it made me even more aroused. I kicked my underwear off and put my nose in the corner and waited for further instruction. My butt was on fire but I dared not rub it.

Paula left the room and I thought that I heard her talking to someone on the phone, but I could not be sure. I waited for what seemed about ten or fifteen minutes and then I heard a knock at the door. I was mortified. What if someone saw me like this? Who could it be? Did I dare to put my pants back on? Then I recognized the voice of one of my other neighbors, Mrs. Davis. Why was she here? All kinds of thoughts were running through my head and then my hard-on started to stir again. Mrs. Davis was in her fifties and also a retired teacher. I could hear them talking in the foyer and then I heard them come into the living room.

Paula spoke first. “James, I invited Linda Davis over to witness the last part of your punishment. I also invited her, so that there would be someone else to watch over you from now on when I am unable to.” “You need discipline young man and we plan to give it to you. You are a nice young man, but you tend to not be focused on the important things.” I was extremely embarrassed and I felt just like a naughty boy. “James,” Paula said, “I want you to turn around and look at us.” I hesitated due to my aroused state. “Do not try my patience young man; I have seen men aroused before. Your hesitation has just earned you additional punishment. Now turn around.” I slowly turned around and my manhood waved in front of me. They both looked at it and then Linda told me to get my butt into the Den. I passed between them and she slapped my right thigh hard as I went by. “Hurry up,” she said.

I entered the den and stood behind the loveseat with just my T-shirt and socks on, my hands still on my head. I finally got a good look at my blistered rear in one of the mirrors on the wall. It was bright red with just a little touch of bruising already. It hurt like crazy and I could not imagine being able to take any more. They came into the den and Linda stood beside me while Paula opened up one of the cabinets on the wall. I think my mouth dropped open when she pulled out a black frat paddle. It was twenty inches long, four inches wide and a 3/8 inch thick. “James, I want you to bend over the back of the loveseat and place your hands on the far edge of the seat. If you move your hands or stand up then you will receive additional punishment and you already have twenty licks with the paddle coming.”

I did as I was told and reached across the back of the loveseat and grabbed the edge of the cushion. This really put my bruised derriere on display and made it an easy target. I was not ready for the first swat when it came and I yelled out in pain. “Owwwww, please Paula, I will study harder, I promise,” I yelled. I heard Linda snicker a little bit, but this was no laughing matter. I almost moved my hands and it was all I could do to keep from standing up. I gripped the cushion harder and vowed to not let go. The paddle swooshed through the air and made contact over and over. I cried openly now like a little boy and my knees began to wobble. I no longer had a hard-on and was definitely not thinking about it. I hollered in pain during the whole punishment. By the eighteenth lick I was about to pass out. Paula could definitely wield a mean school paddle.

The last two licks were excruciating. When the last one landed I immediately fell to my knees and balled. “Please Paula, sniff, I will try harder, I promise. Please don’t punish me anymore.” Paula let me kneel there for a minute crying in pain. “James, I think that you have forgotten that you have an additional punishment coming for not doing as you were told. I do not like to repeat myself.” I forgot about the additional punishment I was to receive and I began crying again. “I want you to go into the living room and get your belt and get right back here, now go,” she said. “Yes, Ma’am”, I said. I wanted this to be over so I mustered all of my remaining strength and retrieved my belt and handed it to her. “You will now ask me politely to punish you for your behavior earlier.” “I had tears streaming down my face as I asked for my punishment. “Please Ms. Malone will you punish me for my behavior earlier,” I said.

“Since you have been good for the most part and asked so politely, I will give you only ten strokes of the belt and thirty minutes of corner time. Please bend over the loveseat again, James.” I bent over and waited for the first stroke. She hit me high on the thighs and the pain shot through my whole body, but I noticed my erection coming back. After the tenth stroke, I went to the corner as she instructed. “Now James, Linda and I are going to have a cup of tea and you are not to move from that spot or touch your bottom for the next thirty minutes, is that clear?” A weak “Yes Ma’am” was all I could get out and then they left the room.

I stood there with my blistered bottom and my hard-on on display for what seemed like an eternity. I had pre-come on my stomach now thinking about what just happened. When they came back in after the thirty minutes was up Paula instructed me to stay still while she applied some lotion to my burning backside. It stung at first and then it felt a lot better. “Now James, I want you to get dressed and go home to study for your test on Friday. I will expect a report after your exam and for a lot of improvement.” “Yes Ma’am, I will study very hard and you will not be disappointed again,” I said. “I expect not,” she said, or you will receive the same thing next time.” With that I got dressed and told them both goodbye for the afternoon. I had to study while lying on my stomach, but it must have been worth it because I made a 92 on my exam. The experience was one that I would never forget and one that would be repeated a few more times.

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  • The punishment seemed extreme, but I could definitely relate to him as I’ve been spanked naked by both my wife and mother-in-law even at 60.

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