A Camping Spanking

Unknown to Alanea, boyfriend Michael has caught her in an egregious lie. Excitedly, she packs for their camping trip while Michael discreetly bundles together a collection of restraints and disciplinary implements.  Vowing to strap her bottom thoroughly–and then some–he resolves to wait until the time is right for panties to come down and off.

She had it coming this time for sure. I do not like being lied to. She knew what the consequences could be if and when I found out. Well, I finally did. Alanea began the semester with hopes of knocking out several classes toward her degree. Unfortunately, life and her inability to concentrate on the tasks at hand led her to draw incompletes and failures in all of her courses for the entire semester. Money and time were all wasted. I had no clue until three weeks after the semester was over when the report cards came in.

“Michael, I had no idea that you would be home so early today,” Alanea said as I walked into the den exactly when she came in. My truck was parked next to the barn where I had spent most of the day working after I was granted leave for the next four days. “How did you manage to get out of duty, or are you playing hooky,” she asked. I poured myself a glass of lemonade.

“Nope, I have the next four days off so we can go camping like you wanted to.” The look on her face was one of extreme delight. She wanted to go camping ever since the weather began to change. Now that late October was here, the weather was ideal. “We will pack up and head out this evening if you still want to,” I said. “I have the basic stuff already packed and I found a new secluded campground that should be perfect.”

“Yes, Michael, I still want to go,” she smiled. “Let me go upstairs and pack.” She hugged my neck and then ran off to get her things together just like a ten-year-old kid on Christmas. I laughed a little at the sight of it. I truly love that woman I thought. Just as I was about to head back out to the barn I saw the mailman pull up. I walked outside and caught him before he had a chance to open the box and he handed me three envelopes. Bill, bill, and then a letter from the university. It must be Alanea’s grades.

I quickly went back into the house and set them on the counter, but then my curiosity took over and I had to see her awesome grades for myself. She had a wonderful semester and aced all of her projects, assignments, papers, and tests. I never saw a dean’s list report before, so I wanted to look. I grabbed a butter knife and opened the envelope. I was shocked as I read the report. There were 4 F’s and an incomplete. I think my jaw dropped open. How can this be, it had to be a mistake. Alanea would never lie to me, would she? I began to be suspicious, as I did not remember seeing any of her work

The more I thought about things the times and places did not add up. She had indeed lied to me. I was angry. I spent $1,400 to send her to those classes and that did not include textbooks. I was going to take the money out of her hide and take some more for lying to me. I stuffed the envelope in my pocket and went to pack my clothes

By five o’clock we were ready to roll out. I made sure that my goody bag was packed and hidden in the truck. The 45-minute drive was hard on me because I really wanted to let her have it, but I stayed the course as it was not the right time. When we got to the campground there was nobody else in it. I was extremely pleased with my choice. “Michael, it is beautiful.” Alanea ran off to see the river as soon as I parked. We were surrounded by thick oaks and the awe-inspiring mother nature. I was truly in heaven

“Hey, are you gonna gawk all night or are you gonna help me set up camp”, I yelled. Alanea came back up the trail and we unloaded the truck and got camp set. The tent was a bit of a pain because it was the first time we ever used it. We finally got it set and then I told Alanea to get the dinner stuff ready while I went to look for some firewood. I walked out of camp down a little trail and found some thick Blackjack oaks standing together in a group, which gave me an idea.

You see, Alanea has become quite a bondage junky lately and keeps asking me to tie her up and suspend her in the air. I figured that this could work to my advantage, as far as her lying to me goes. I went back with the firewood and started the fire. Tomorrow morning would be the time to spring my trap. We had quite the evening though and drank a bottle of wine all cuddled up together under the stars. I hate that she had to lie to me. I was going to punish her for it and punish her good. We went to bed shortly after the bottle was gone.

I awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the sun on my face. It was eight-thirty in the morning. I got up quietly, got dressed, grabbed my bag of goodies, and headed to the spot that I had picked out the night before. I tied some suspension ropes to the branches and premade my knots for her punishment. Once it was staged I laid my bag down and placed the paddle, brush, and strap behind one of the trees. Then, I carried the bag with the rest of my tools back to the tent. Alanea was asleep on her stomach. I straddled her and before she really knew what was going on I had her arms behind her back and tied. She was awake now and I could tell she thought that it was a game, so she went with it. I tied her arms up high and tight.

She began to speak, but I shoved the ball gag in her mouth and secured it before she said a word. I then stood her up and walked her out of the tent. She began to show signs of apprehension. I guess it was because she had no idea if anyone would see her or not, but we were all alone. All she had on was a grey t-shirt, with no bra, blue sweatpants, and cotton panties. Her nipples began to poke through her shirt, and her breathing was heavier, so I knew that she was excited. I put her Crocs on her feet and began to lead her up the trail.

I marched her the one hundred and fifty yards to the “hanging” trees and I saw her eyes grow wide when she gazed upon the ropes. I turned her away from me and secured her torso and shoulders so that when I put her legs into the restraints she would be about five feet off of the ground. Before I secured her legs I yanked her sweats and panties down to her ankles and pulled them off. I heard her gasp when I did and her panties were wet. She still thought this was a game.

I lifted her left leg up and secured it at her thigh and ankle. Then I secured her right leg the same way and put the waist rope around her to take the weight off of her legs. Her ass was the highest point of her body and her legs were spread wide. She was truly bound and had no chance of escape. I could not resist and gave her left cheek a sharp slap and then another. She jerked in her restraints, but could not get away from the sting of my palm. I put my hand on her pussy and rubbed her clit roughly as I slapped her right cheek. She moaned and jerked. Now was the time for her to pay for her lying to me and wasting money.

I walked around the front of her and brushed the hair out of her face. She looked so fucking hot, but this was to be punishment. I pulled the envelope out of my back pocket and showed it to her. Her eyes showed fear. “Look what I got in the mail yesterday, Alanea. That’s right, it is your semester report, but I am sure that you already know what it says.” Her eyes pleaded with me. “Fifteen credit hours and $1,400 down the drain! How can you be so selfish? I worked extra duty to earn that money to pay for your education. I understand failing, but just letting a semester go like this is beyond irresponsible! On top of it all, you lied to my face day in and day out. How did you expect to get away without me ever finding out?” I was so angry that I could have screamed. “I love you, Alanea, but I am going to give you the worst spanking that you have ever gotten in your life.” Alanea pleaded with me behind the gag.

I reached down behind the tree and grabbed the strap. I showed it to her and she began to tear up. I ducked under the shoulder rope and stepped to her right side. I raised the strap and brought it down squarely across both cheeks. It made a thunderous “crack” in the middle of the woods. Her body jerked and contorted as I continued to lay the strap across her naked flesh. Over and over I laid into her bottom and upper thighs. She was crying steadily now. I placed number 80 across her butt and paused. Her ass was bright red. She was heaving and crying like a spoiled and spanked little girl. I stepped back up by her face.

“Look at me. Why did you lie to me?” The look on her face was pure remorse, but I was not done. She deserved more than the strap. “Alanea, you have disappointed me greatly and the only way to get back on good terms is to take this punishment.” I stroked her face as she sobbed. Alanea nodded at me in understanding and I set the strap down to pick up the paddle. Once again I stepped up to her side. “Thwack” the paddle landed on her flesh. Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, I rained down the paddle over and over until I got to fifty. Alanea’s bottom was crimson and I could tell it was on fire. She struggled to compose herself but sobbed uncontrollably.

I stepped back up and cleared the hair from her face again. “We are almost there young lady, you have one thing left before I am satisfied that you will not lie to me again.” “Do you understand me?” Alanea nodded once again as her tears fell off of the tip of her nose. “Good girl, now watch this last part, because I am sure it will have your attention.” I reached up to a sweet gum branch about the thickness of my pinky finger and broke it off. I stripped it clean of leaves, bark, and knots in front of her. It took me about ten minutes to do it, so she had stopped sobbing mostly. The switch was about four feet long and looked menacing.

“Okay, Alanea, let’s hear you ask for forty licks of the switch. Ask me to punish you and tell me why you deserve it.” I took the ball gag out of her mouth and let it hang below her chin. Her eyes were red and puffy and still full of tears. I know that she was very well punished, but lying is not something I tolerate, ever. I believe that trust and respect are extremely important in a relationship, more so than love.

Alanea struggled to speak at first and the tears started flowing again as she did. “Michael, please forgive me I am so sorry that I lied to you. I just could not face you and tell you the truth. I deserve to be punished severely and accept my fate, but please don’t stop loving me. I will never lie to you again, I promise!” I could tell that she was sincere in her apology, but I wanted her to ask for the switch. Finally, she did. “Please, Michael, will you give me forty licks with the switch for lying to you and failing my classes?” Her eyes were flooded once again.

I picked up the switch and stepped up to her side. I raised the switch and “swoosh”, brought it down on top of her thighs. She yelped in pain, but I crisscrossed her butt over and over with the switch until I got to forty. The welts were visible right away. I am sure that she would bruise from this spanking. It would also be hard to sit down for a few days, but it was over. I put the switch down and raised her face to look at me. “I love you, Alanea. and I forgive you.” I kissed her lips and tasted her salty tears as I held her until she stopped crying. I had not noticed before, but I had a raging hard-on in my pants. It hurt me to just stand there. Her punishment was a huge turn-on. I saw that her nipples were hard and I rubbed her breasts with my hands, tweaking her nipples through her shirt. Finally, my hands found her pussy.

She was sopping wet!! What a little deviant! I stroked her clit between my fingers and finally slipped two inside her. She moaned heavily and rocked towards my hand. I leaned down and put my mouth on her clit as I fingered her. It did not take long before she climaxed long and hard. Her legs went stiff and she arched her back hard as the orgasm overtook her body. I had to have her. I wanted her to touch me though, so I had to cut her loose. I told her that I was going to take her down and then make love to her. She begged me to. I undid her waist ties and then her legs one at a time until she was able to stand. Then I took off the shoulder ropes. She was still bound, but free of the “hanging” tree. I picked up her clothes and told her that she would have to walk back with her bottom exposed. I put her Crocs on and led her back to camp.

I let her walk ahead of me so that I could watch her well-spanked bottom shake from side to side. Damn, she was a fine woman and even sexier after she has been punished. My hard-on was throbbing so intensely that I almost made love to her on the trail before we got back. The next two days were going to be unforgettable, especially when she found out that I was put on administrative leave without pay due to an ongoing investigation!

How To Give A Spanking
  • Let me do the math:
    1) 80 spanks with the belt/ strap,
    2) 50 spanks with the paddle
    3) 40 with the switch

    That’s 170 strokes in total – severe, but what I need.

  • Great story! I loved every detail of it, there are just a few things that I would change.

    1) when the spankee is tied up, you could have it so their back is facing the ground and their ankles are high up so they are spanked in the classic “diaper spank” position, with their legs slightly spread apart and up

    2) After they are spanked, they could be fingered / handjobbed but it can happen while they are tied up so this could be included
    as part of their punishment 🙂

    I would love to see a story with these edits, maybe even one where she takes him on a camping trip and punishes him this way!

    Nonetheless great story, your writing is phenomenal!

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