Can Severe Punishment Spankings Save Their Marriage?

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A married man desperately wants to become a better husband to his wonderful wife. He is hoping that severe punishment spankings administered by her can correct his bad behaviour that is causing them to drift further apart. Advice is requested that can save and strengthen their failing marriage before it is too late. Can you help?

have finally plucked up the courage to ask my wonderful wife she would give me severe punishment spankings – and she agreed. I asked her if she really knows what a punishment spanking means and she said she did but I’m not sure.

I have been lucky enough to be married to her for many years and I have asked to be spanked before – sometimes she would but not hard nor for long.

I cried when I asked her to deliver the discipline that I desperately need and felt like a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders. We have had a really rough time over the last few years and have drifted apart. I have become quite snappy and sulky and realise I need to be a much better husband if I want to continue being married to her.

Your advice would be much appreciated. I will be showing this posting and any replies to my dear wife. Please be invited to reply by way of a comment to this post.

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  1. [Editor’s Note: Dear George, Thank you kindly for the very thoughtful and detailed comment. Promoting this lifestyle is one of the goals of SpankingLife. I have made a few minor edits to your original comment. Please be invited to reach me by posting another comment or through the Contact and Feedback section if you would like any changes. -Michael]

    Hi Everybody,

    Thank you for sharing so many disciplinary wife stories – here is mine. I liked to be spanked or caned by a woman since I was young. When I did not behave well, I desperately wanted a woman that could punish me hard and keep me in line. I am very lucky to have met my wife. She is a normal lovely girl and open-minded as well. At first, she was quite uncomfortable to physically discipline me. I told her a husband needs to be kept in line from time to time and it is the wife’s duty to ensure that he is. Not long ago she agreed and began to take charge.

    We started with a paddle. At first, she was not spanking me hard: Maybe she wasn’t used to administering a spanking or she is too slim to handle the paddle effectively. But we started this lifestyle and whenever I did something wrong, I asked for her punishment and she delivered.

    Later, I advised my wife that whenever she delivers punishment it needs to be real and painful in order to be effective. To show my sincerity, I bought her a 3/16” Delrin cane. This cane is very lightweight and whippy – it is a dreadful weapon. It stings like hell even when wielded moderately by my wife’s petite hand.

    We have rules written down. Whenever I commit an infraction or upset her, she would mark down how many strokes should be given later. She carries out the punishment on the weekend. We agreed that she would not hold back on any stroke: The cane will cut sharply into my ass leaving a welt and making me scream. We further agreed that she must do it without remorse, not yield to any begging or bargaining nor not stop until every offence is paid in full. Yes, she is now doing the job very well. After much practice, she is very good at caning and can deliver her strokes accurately. Sometimes she would really cane me to tears making me feel deeply sorry. If I do not want to be caned to hell, I need to learn to be more patient and maintain my temper. This rule helps me to be a better husband and serves us well.

    My wife also delivers maintenance canings. That is even if I am good for the whole week, she will still give me 10 strokes as a firm reminder. Unlike punishments for infractions or bad behaviour, these strokes can be more lenient but solely at her wish or discretion. But, I would beg her to do those as hard as the punishment ones because I really love (and need) her caning.

    My wife sees the results and now fully embraces the lifestyle and the duty to keep me well in hand and on the straight and narrow. I fully appreciate that she can be unrelentingly stern especially when I have been a bad boy.

    So, just feel free to ask your wife to be your keeper – this is good for both your relationship and your own good.

  2. I am in my 30’s and my wife uses a razor strap. After rattling off her gripes I am ordered to strip naked and get over pillows on the bed. Standing on the side of the bed, she lays into my bare cheeks strapping them fiery red. I cry out during the painful punishment sometimes with tears streaking down my cheeks. She tries even harder now having seen the benefits.

    • The cane is silent and painful. If we have company and I’m drinking too much, my wife while smiling points to our bedroom which is on the far end of the house! Arriving there together she points to my trousers with the unspoken command to lower them and my shorts down to my ankles. I automatically bend over the foot of the bed while she retrieves her 3/8 inch cane. To avoid chipping her painted nails, she methodically puts on one glove. Then she says, “You’re getting a double dose because I warned you this morning what’ll happen if you overdo it with the sauce!” She swings the cane down hard and I yelp aloud. She shushes me and goes to my socks drawer, pulls out a pair and stuffs them in my mouth! I received 20 extremely hard strokes! The pain was excruciating leaving welts that were 1/8 of an inch raised on my bottom. With muffled whimpering followed by tears, I’m like a damp rag on the floor. My wife then said matter of factly, “ No more drinking for you!”

  3. I suggest she read Rose and Terry’s stories on this site to know what a real spanking looks and feels like. Though her spankings do not have to be as severe, a hundred swats should be sufficient.

  4. Hats off to you for being courageous enough to ask for a REAL spanking. If it is, in fact, a REAL SPANKING you’re looking for. I find many like the idea of a spanking but don’t understand what that feels like. I am in what we call a modified FLR. For the most part, we are a normal couple and manage the household as a team BUT…for transgressions, I have submitted myself to getting spanked for real and let me tell you, there is nothing fun or sexual about a real punishment spanking (as there shouldn’t be). Maintenance spankings happen somewhat frequently (once a month or so) but I quickly learned that punishment spankings are to be avoided. The last punishment spanking hurt so bad, I slept on my stomach that night, waking up frequently throughout the night as I moved around in my sleep. It hurt for days and I had marks for almost a month. On the flip side, she knows that occasional spankings help keep me balanced and in line and she definitely feels the power that a real spanking can bring to her. She is a wonderful and loving wife, a harsh disciplinarian but a just and fair Queen. After a real spanking, I find myself LOOKING for ways to please her. Not in a slaveboy with no self-respect way, but in a way like a pit bull wants to please its master and please her. I’ll end up being “good” for at least a couple of months before I start to slip. But even the thought of her taking me to “the woodshed”, can get me back in line pretty quick. Good luck to you on your marriage. I know this arrangement has done wonders for ours!

  5. Wow, this guy is far different from me – He WANTS a spanking from his wife! I take one occasionally – a bare ass paddling – because she is a great wife and has put up with way too much from me. It is always just with the same skinny stick – I take it right out of the shower bending over and it hurts like crazy though I got it coming in spades. Any guy who thinks he wants a real spanking – unless it is flirtatious or playful – should be very careful. A proper bare bottom paddling really hurts – I am making spank pleas like I am seven years old. Be careful what you wish for.

    • Cronin, I admire you for being willing to take a spanking within your marriage — but are you not really embarrassed when you are getting it bare bottom? Where are your children? Who else knows?

    • To Jim: My wife and I are blessed with a loving and trusting marriage. Since we both agree it is necessary, I am not embarrassed nor shamed at all. She is a great wife who puts up with a lot more than she should! We both seem to know at the same time when a bare paddling has to settle things. My naked butt can sure hurt but it is not a case of any embarrassment. Thanks for writing, Jim.

  6. This can absolutely work but only if she believes in it. She has to be willing to be consistent and always follow through, even to the point of cancelling plans to deal with you. I also know it can’t be fun or a turn-on for you. They spankings need to be real, strict, and harsh enough to deal with your bad behaviour. You have to be willing to submit to her punishments unconditionally whenever and for whatever reason she decides, even if you believe you don’t deserve one. The decision is hers and must be obeyed, absolutely. Period.

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