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This category covers all non-story spanking related topics and includes the following:

    • Old Fashioned Spanking Describe in detail how you would administer an old fashioned spanking. Suggested features include corner time, ceremony, reasons for discipline together with spanking implements and positioning. Consider A Good Old Fashioned Spanking as an example,
    • Spanking Contracts and Discipline Agreements You may have a written or verbal agreement where spanking and discipline play an integral role in your life. Many considering such an arrangement would value what you have to share. Others would delight in knowing that some dreams can, indeed, come true. Review The Spencer Spanking Plan for ideas,
    • Protocol and Methods Focusing on specific aspects of spanking would include methods of restraint (overcoming bottom protection during spanking) rubbing allowed during the aftermath, counting of each stroke, full or partial nudity, the presence of others and more,
    • Implements A wide range of topics may be covered including pointers on their use – effectiveness and safety; how to make specific implements
      and restraining devices; locating unusual or hard or to find items, those best for traveling (packing and clearing customs) and minimal
      noise in hotel rooms.
    • Spanking Games Perhaps you know of or play a particular spanking game. Be encourage to share the rules and methods of play as found in The Spanking Game: Female Led Relationship,
    • Anything Else While the above represents some suggestions for spanking related articles, additional ideas
      and topics that you have are most welcome.

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